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Common Web Hosting Mistakes To Avoid

Websites make up part of income for entrepreneurs. In fact, a website can impact your bottom line. If you go wrong with a website hosting, you are likely to cause a lot of harm to your site. For instance, if a website hosting company goes down without explanation or warning, it may be impossible to rectify changes. These are five web hosting mistakes people make:

Not reading hosting reviews
If you land on a web hosting company and you are impressed by the packages, they offer, read reviews about the site first. Some thingsweb hosting may appear too good to be true. If that is the case, let that be a first red flag. Read reviews from technical writers with first-hand experience in hosting companies. There is a need to be cautious about the reviews you read as others are simply affiliate reviews. Important things to look about include complaints about downtime, customer service, and security issues.

Not looking at restrictions
Some hosting companies are very cunning. They will promise you unlimited things such as emails, storage, and more. If you happen use a lot of storage, some companies will start by throttling. Other things to include No SSH, No multiple POP accounts, No installation of own software.

globe and mousesChoosing free space
This feature is tempting to the beginners. They are tempted to use a small amount of space that is provided for free. If you go for this space, then know you are not alone, there many more people going for it.

Going with a new firm
New companies offer worst hosting plans. However, they are branded to make them appear as the best. They are interested in signing up customers. They will offer you a lot of perks such as software, exciting deals, freebies, and great prices. You will find such hosting great for the first few months. You will be surprised with their customer service level, a lot of down time, and poor load times.

Failing to test their customer service
Most web hosting companies will promise you immediate response to your questions. Some companies have poor customer support. You need a good support to help you in times when your website is in problems. Try their message boards to see their response rates. Check rip off reports and BBB for complaints. If you can happen to get some of their current customers, contact them and see how they can help you. Check whether they have a telephone contact that works 24/7.…