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Features of a good cell phone spy

There are many cell phone spy and tracking apps available in the market. The trick comes in choosing the right one for your needs. A good cell phone spy should have a combination of features that make it easier for it to function well. Most of the apps are meant to monitor the internet activities and access to social media. However, it is important to have an app that offers more features than just how to spy on someone. For example, there are apps that offer GPS tracking features and others also have voice recording features. The more the apps, the better it becomes.

Cell phone spy features

Universal compatibilitywoman on call

There are some apps that are only compatible with specific Android versions, and some are strictly for Apple devices. This is something to check when you are looking for a cell phone spy. It is important to look for an app that is available for all the devices. With an app that has universal compatibility, it means that you can easily install it on Android phones, iPhone, tablets and any other compatible devices.


Social media monitoring

A good cell phone spy should have the social media monitoring feature. Social media is becoming a part of us, and it is important for the spy that you choose to be able to monitor all the social media sites. This means that you can monitor all the activities that are going on social media.

Call and text mtyping on phoneonitoring

Cell and text monitoring feature is an obvious feature, but it should not be ignored when looking for a phone spy. It is the detailed features that distinguish the app from other apps. For instance when looking for call and text monitoring app, look the details that it offers. There are apps that will be able to give detailed information on the time of calls, voice recordings and other information.

GPS tracking

When looking for a phone spy, try and look for one that can be able to give detailed information on location. This is not only for phone spying, but it is also an important security feature. GPS tracking will help when you are in trouble, and people will be able to find your location. It can also help you trace your phone in case you lose it.…